On the contact form in French or English.

No, we don’t have a sales platform. If you’re interested in our products, please contact us via the contact tab in English or French.

Our fertilizers and organic soil improvers are formulated and granulated in our production plant in Quintenic, 10 km from Lamballe. Experts in natural fertilizers for professionals, we deliver our products throughout France and abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team in English or French.

Yes, we export Fertival natural fertilizers and organic soil improvers for professionals: 20% of our production volume is exported to over 15 countries (e.g. Costa Rica, Vietnam, Italy). For more information on Fertival natural fertilizers, please use the contact form, also available in French or English.

Our organic fertilizers and soil improvers are mainly composed of organic matter or co-products from Cooperl members’ pork production. Our two main raw materials are Vigalor and Orgatrac. For more information, visit the Agronomic Advantages page on our website. We guarantee a total absence of urban sludge in our organic fertilizers: 100% pig origin.

Yes, our organic fertilizers and soil improvers are hygienized at the Lamballe recycling center, thanks to a sanitization step at 70°C for 1 hour.

Yes, we can offer you a specific formula of Fertival organic fertilizers to meet the specific needs of your crop and soil, based on your soil analysis. For more information, please contact us using the contact form in English or French.

For all complaints, please fill in the contact form in English or French.

We are present on Linkedin, you can follow us on our Fertival page.

Yes, we’ve collected testimonials from your customers who use Fertival organic fertilizers or soil improvers, which you can find on the case studies tab.

Yes, our members are major players in Cooperl’s circular economy model, through the creation of labels such as “Pigs raised without antibiotics” and “Well-being pigs”, see our CSR performance tab.

Most of our products can be used in organic farming: this information is indicated by an asterisk in the product name which appears in the product descriptions on our website in the products tab. Feel free to use the filters > production method > suitable for organic farming.

We guarantee the quality of our products by controlling the entire manufacturing process of our corks: from the harvesting of organic matter to granulation and delivery of finished products.
What’s more, our finished products are regularly tested by Cooperl Environnement’s in-house laboratory and by external laboratories. Our 4mm diameter corks have a minimum dry matter content of 86%. For further information, please visit the “traceability and guarantees” page of our website.

Our methanizer is fed exclusively by organic matter from Cooperl pig farms. For more information, visit the CSR page of our website. We guarantee a total absence of urban sludge in the digestate: 100% pig origin. This is Europe’s largest non-spreading methanizer, which does not monopolize any agricultural land. In addition to digestate, our methanizer enables us to generate renewable biogas and ammonium sulfate.

Our commitment to sustainable development has enabled us to build a unique circular ecology model, highlighting our CSR performance. The tools of the Cooperl Environnement branch run on renewable energies. Our technological innovations respond to the challenges of decarbonization in order to work towards sustainable agriculture. Cooperl is also working towards self-sufficiency in the use of water and energy resources. For more information, visit the CSR page on our website.

Our natural fertilizers are sold to the viticulture, arboriculture, market gardening, field crops, green spaces and exotic crops markets. For more information, please visit the products page of our website.

Our organic fertilizers and soil improvers are packaged in 25kg bags, 500kg or 1T fertilizer big bags. Our liquid fertilizers are packaged in 20L cans, 200L drums or 1000L tank.

Our range of natural fertilizer products includes organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers, soil improvers, liquid fertilizers and micro-dosed fertilizers.

Based in Lamballe, France, Cooperl is a pork farming and agri-food cooperative with nearly 7,700 employees and 2,950 members. Through its circular economy model, Fertival is a subsidiary of the Cooperl Environnement branch, which valorizes by-products from the pork industry by manufacturing natural fertilizers. For more information, visit the Cooperl page.

Average delivery time is 7 days

Yes, it is possible to visit our granulation plant in Quintenic. Please send us your request on the contact form in English or French.
You can also discover the world of “La Bulle”. This building, designed in Lamballe and equipped with a large screen, presents Cooperl Environnement’s unique model of circular ecology in an immersive way. Don’t hesitate to come and discover Fertival’s activities, testimonials and innovations through the world of La Bulle!

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